Team Members

Dr. Nikole Warner

Susan Core

We are using virus-like particles (VLPs) derived from small RNA bacteriophages as antigen-display platforms for dengue virus vaccines.  We identify antigens of interest that are important for dengue virus infection and pathogenesis, display them on VLPs using a variety of molecular biology techniques, and then test them for their immunogenicity and ability to elicit antibodies that can block dengue virus infection or key functions of the antigens.


Warner NL, Linville AC, Core SB, Moreno B, Pascale JM, Peabody DS, Chackerian B, Frietze KM. 2020. Expansion and refinement of deep sequence-coupled biopanning technology for epitope-specific antibody responses in human serum. Viruses Sep 30;12(10):1114. doi: 10.3390/v12101114.


NIH/NIAID R21 AI148836 to Kathryn M. Frietze

UNM School of Medicine RAC grant to Kathryn M. Frietze

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