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Former Lab Members

Former Lab Members: Project


Shannon O'Hara Wiora

Currently, Shannon is a student at Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Virginia, studying General Science.

2021 Summer Student

Symmes Cannon

Symmes in finishing up her senior year at Albuquerque High School and preparing to start college.

ASERT Fellow, T-32 Fellow

Nikole Warner, PhD

Dr. Nikki is currently a Scientist working at HDT Bio Corp in Seattle, WA.

2020 UPN Student

Kateland Keen

Kateland is currently a Maternal Mental Health Advocate at John Hopkins University in Bethesda, MD.

2020 Student Intern

Ayomide Oloyede

Ayo is currently a Biomedical Engineer at Cornell University in Ithica, NY.

2019 UPN Student

Jasmine Boone

Jaz is currently working towards a nursing degree at the Gallup branch of the University of New Mexico.

UNM Honors Program

Alexandria Kruger, PhD

Allie is currently working a Post-Doctoral position at the University of Nebraska studying poxviruses.

Former Lab Members: List
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